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“I wonder if we start a business or if the business starts in us?”


   I never planned or even considered opening a business related to chocolate or brigadeiros, but my pastime has transformed into my passion.


   Since I was 8 years old, growing up in Brazil, I played in my mom’s kitchen exploring her pots and pans, ingredients and utensils, practicing and experimenting with her recipes.  I left Brazil as a young adult but in spite of the distance from my native culture, I never lost my love of creating special food especially brigadeiros the sweet confection so present in my childhood.


   After graduating from college in Business Administration, I had the opportunity to travel to (and later live permanently in) Germany. In Germany I was once again surrounded by the most delicious chocolates and sweets. By good fortune, I was asked to help a friend at her chocolate shop. And just as in my childhood, I was able to play with and explore new recipes, including my favorite sweet of all, brigadeiros!  Years later, when life brought me to live in the United States, brigadeiros remained my pastime.  I prepared brigadeiros for friends, for their kids’ birthday parties, and even as a special desert at home after dinner.  I began looking for new sources of chocolate, organic and local. And when I finally began to experiment with different types of chocolate, I noticed changes in the taste and texture of my creations.  I was delighted to share my tasting experiences with friends and collect their opinions.


   Finally in 2016 I took a leap of faith and decided to develop a new career out of my pastime.  I surrendered myself to my passion and now I dedicate myself to a world of fine chocolate and delicious variations of brigadeiros.  It all starts with choosing the right source and quality of cocoa beans.  I follow the creation of my chocolates from roasting the beans to producing the chocolate that I transform into beautiful gourmet sweets.


   I proudly call myself a chocolate maker and chocolatier.

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